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 The RiverSouth Rural Water District, by its Board of Directors, finding it necessary to increase water rates to its customers as a result of increased wholesale water rates charged to the District and due to increased cost of maintenance of existing lines and pumps, and in order to provide partial funding for upgrades and improvements.

 The two-tiered rate system previously established by the Board of Directors of RiverSouth Rural Water District shall continue.  The customers subject to the "Rate One" tier of the rating system are those customers who were exiting customers of RiverSouth Rural Water District on or before January 2, 2001.  The customers subject to the rates set forth for the "Rate Two" tier are those customers who became customers after January 1, 2001.  The rates for the two tier are as follows:


$19.33  Water availability charge/flat fee

$  5.48  per thousand gal.



$23.08  water availability charge/flat fee

$  5.98  per thousand gal.


Customers of RiverSouth should be aware that rates of payment for water usage may increase from time to time as interest on bonds, inflation, contract requirements, cost-of-living and demand from customers increases.  However, every attemp will be made to minimize water rate increases for all customers.





If you notice an increase in water pressure at your house, the first thing to check is your pressure regulator.  If the pressure is 75psi or greater, you are required to have a pressure regulator on the discharge side of the meter.

Signs your pressure regulator is going bad are:

*  high/low water pressure

*  high/low water flow

*  surging water

*  banging pipes

*  vibrating pipes

*  leaking toilet fill valves

*  leaking hot water relief valves

*  broken pipes and leaking faucets





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RiverSouth Rural Water District is Working Harder to Better Serve Our Community!

We are excited to announce that our new website has launched and includes all the information our community needs related to their water service.  Check back often, as we will be adding...

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